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Recording - Mixing - Mastering


Our boutique studio is the perfect, low-cost space to create your music.

We are a fully equipped home studio with sound booth, electric piano,

guitars, basses and other goodies to play around with.

Steven is a professional guitarist and music school grad with 20+ years of 

studio, session recording and live performance. Having been a part of

all these facets, he understands the artistry behind creating

the masterpiece that's currently trapped in your mind.

He specializes in Rock, Ethereal Pop, Synth-Rock, and Alternative.

 Leah is a professional actor and writing grad with 10+ years of directing, writing, singing, voice over work. She's the expert finalizer that won't let it out of the door until it's purrfect.

We also have studio Cats, they are Timmeh and Spock. On top of getting stellar musical content for Spotify, you're going to get tons of fun content for Instagram and Facebook from our warm and relaxed environment.

Our secondary services include:

Voice Over - ADR

Soundtrack Composition

Demo Reels

Video Editing

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